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France – Get ready to be captivated by iconic landmarks & architecture | Vacation Never Ends

France, a beautiful country in Western Europe, is renowned for its gorgeous Mediterranean beaches, alpine villages, medieval cities, iconic landmarks, art, architecture and world-famous fashion houses. France boasts of a rich historical past and is ready to amaze you with its diverse offerings. With France reservations visit a wonderful country where you will be captivated endlessly with historic towns, chateaus, forests, vineyards, valleys, stunning coastlines, and some of the world’s best food and wine.

Best Places to Visit

Enjoy sightseeing in Paris by visiting attractions like Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, the Palace of Versailles and Notre-Dame cathedral. Visit the beaches of northern France in Normandy to get a slice of French history. Get a glimpse of medieval France by visiting small villages and wonderful castles in Lyon. This entire place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Go skiing in the French Alps as it has some of Europe’s best ski slopes.

Best Time to Visit

The shoulder season from April through mid-June and from September to October is the best time to visit France. The typically mild weather with fewer crowds will make your France trip enjoyable.

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