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Portugal – A diverse country relatively easy to traverse

Portugal was an ancient kingdom secured by dramatic walled towns and hilltop castles. This one of oldest extant nations of Europe will mesmerize you with its warm, welcoming and friendly people, and affordable wine and food. The country is though diverse, but relatively easy to navigate just in a few days. Make your Portugal reservations today and visit a verdant country where you will come across rolling hills dotted with stone-built villages, deep valleys, vast agricultural plains in the south, and steeply terraced vineyards in the mountainous north.

Places to visit in Portugal

Major cities of Portugal, particularly Lisbon and Porto, prominently showcase the country’s role in past centuries as a maritime superpower. These cities also have some of Europe’s modern architecture. As you move further inland, you will get opportunities to tour wine estates and for kayaking down inland rivers. The stunning beaches in the country are however among the biggest draw for the tourists.

Best time to travel to Portugal

The best time to visit Portugal is during late spring from March to May and early autumn from September to October when the weather is warm. It receives sunshine year-round.

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